Our People

In POLYFORMA, we feel happy that most of our people have been with us for many years. We have 70 people working across the range of POLYFORMA’s business functions from production line and distribution to management. It is our belief that our success is very much attributed to our people and that is why investing in them is one of our top priorities.

In POLYFORMA we set common goals developing, producing and promoting products and services. We believe that this way our people identify the company goals as their own, and their work becomes a labour of love.

We encourage collaborations and team play. This practically means that all departments, from management to production, are continuously communicating with each other offering feedback and working together to improve services, promote products and growth in line with the increasing needs of the market.

We never forget that our people are our competitive advantage, having played a crucial role in POLYFORMA’s growth. Recognising that, we strive to secure a good working environment and a sustainable future for our people. This past year, despite the halt in growth due to Greece’s macro environment, our company never even considered reducing salaries let alone making people redundant.