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We believe the world would be a better place,if we would use our resources in a smarter way.

Resources are limited. Ideas are not. So why not use our resources the smartest way?airpop does it. Using 98% air.

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Cosy, comfy, snug, homely, comfortable: That's how a perfectly insulated house feels. With 98% air.

Airpop is the smartest way of insulating houses by reducing their energy consumption by up to 50%. This means lower energy costs for cooling in the summer and more warm feet thanks to lower heating costs in the winter, and overall a safe and healthy atmosphere at home.

What you see here could be a bicycle helmet, a cooling box, a protection for your LCD TV, a pizza delivery box, and a baby seat.

Airpop is the smartest material for a huge range of innovative and individual applications. It is easy to handle and mouldable so it can be everything you want it to be. And another very smart fact: airpop can be recycled up to seven times.



It protects your children's head. And a million other things – thanks to 98% air.

Airpop is the smartest way of keeping things safe and protected. It is the best practice for use in helmets and children's car seats. Because it is light and at the same time very strong. Airpop is also the best packaging material for transporting sensitive goods such as medicine, fresh fruit, fresh fish, and even organs.



Less material costs, less CO2 emissions, less energy costs, less wastage, less breakage. With 98% air you can achieve more insulation and protection than with anything else.

Airpop is the smartest way of saving money when it comes to packaging and high-performance insulation, and it is first choice for efficiency lovers.


Bees are the most sensitive creatures on earth. That is why they live in homes made of 98% air.

Airpop is the smartest way of using resources. It is completely non-toxic, it has low CO2 emissions, it helps save energy, and can be recycled up to seven times. So it not only protects what's packaged inside, but also mother nature.