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Priority is our safety. We protect our customers, our employees and entire community from coronavirus COVID-19
Thursday 11 Jun 2020
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The company POLYFORMA S.A., with a sense of responsibility towards its shareholders, employees, associates, customers as well as the entire community, took all necessary safety measures, in order to protect and restrict the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. 

All measures are taken in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the competent institutions (Health Ministry, Ε.Ο.Δ.Υ, Γ.Γ.Π.Π. Ministry of Labor etc.), with its specific provisions Π.Ν.Π. 11/3/2020 and with the set of regulations of the current legislation on health and safety at work.

From the first moment, the company proceeded to the below actions:
- Information of all employees by the company’s doctor about coronavirus, way of contagion, preventive and protective measures taken, as well as the provision of personal hygiene recommendations and guidelines.
- Posting the guidelines for protection against coronavirus at the entrances and exits of the company’s premises, as well as in prominent public spaces within the facilities.
- Placing of antiseptic solutions at the entrances and exits of the facilities, public areas and workplaces.
- Provision of PPE (masks, gloves)
- Frequent disinfection of public areas, workplaces and disinfection.

Let's stay safe and help others stay safe during this unusual time.